Club Drives

Once a month (or so) there are organized club day drives to some point of interest or restaurant.  A fun and relaxed opportunity to go out for a drive with fellow Porsche admirers.  There are also longer, overnight, drives organized periodically throughout the year.

2020 Annual Polar Bear Run – January 25th

Our annual Polar Bear Run takes place in the later part of January each year.  The drive departs from Porsche Birmingham, and takes us up to the beautiful Cheaha State Park.  We end the drive with a delicious lunch.  It is a great, well attended driving event each year, and always a fantastic time!

2020 Porsche Birmingham Tech Session and Breakfast & Bonus Club Drive to Pursell Farms for Lunch @ Old Tom’s Pub – February 22nd

Join us for an informative tech session and breakfast provided by Porsche Birmingham.  Learn more about your beautiful car and see what’s new at the dealership.  The 2020 911s are in stock and are amazing!  As you are aware, the dealership in still under construction; please be mindful of this when parking.  Following the session, we will lead a drive to Pursell Farms, Sylacauga, where we will eat lunch at Old Tom’s Pub.  Click here to sign up for the Club Drive or go to

2020 Porsches & Pistols Club Drive to CMP Talladega – March 7th

This is a brand new and exceptionally cool event for our Club.  We will depart from Porsche Birmingham at 8:30 a.m.  Registration will be at or click here.  Please join us for a very fun, educational and informative day at one of the finest ranges in the US.  Safety and education are their hallmarks.  Bring your family!  For more about CMP, click here.  Our event will include unrestricted access, managed by the CMP range officers, to ranges 1,2, and 4.  Click here for a range map.  **Restrictions are small, no .50 BMG and let’s not complicate the day with black powder on our first event.  Outside of that, any legal handgun or long gun (air rifles, too) is able to be enjoyed.  The $25 per person event fee covers all usage fees on these ranges.  The facility does have a Pro-Shop on site with firearms, accessories, and ammunition.  You are not required to purchase and use ammunition from the facility, bring your own as you choose.  Restrictions here are simple, if you can purchase the ammunition from a local big box store you can shoot it, nothing unique such as tracers, incendiary, armor piercing and the like.  Should you desire and for an extra charge, CMP has a 15 station, one mile loop, sporting clays area.  We will have a private meeting room for the classroom portion and to store your gear.  There are plenty of lunch options close by, or you can bring a picnic.  A BIG thanks to the man, the myth, the legend – our very own Rodney McFarland (of Porsche Birmingham fame) for putting this together.

2020 AL PCA Thank You Drive for our Front Line Medical Heroes – April 25th

***This is now an official PCA event; we do have PCA insurance. We are working on a brief pep-rally for our front line medical heroes at UAB, Children’s and St. Vincent’s hospitals this coming Saturday morning, April 25th.  Here’s the scoop:

* The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department has approved our plan and will escort us for the entirety of the event. Sergeant Robin Park is in charge.  The hospitals are providing the routes.  Michael Guilsher will provide the driver’s meeting information via email.  If you are going,
please email Michael by Friday, 4/24 @ 3 pm to confirm, as space is limited.  Michael will conduct the driver’s meeting via email to be sent Friday evening.  We will not be able to accommodate drive ups on Saturday morning.
* We will line up at Porsche Birmingham starting @ 9:15 am, staying in our cars with the windows rolled up. A Club representative wearing gloves will place a waiver on the windshield, under the wiper. After the gloved person is greater than 6 feet away from the car, the driver is to get the waiver and sign it (along with any passengers) with their own pen, indicate the amount of their contribution (for Club matching purposes), then return it to the windshield, under the wiper and re-enter their vehicle with the windows up.
* Another Club representative wearing gloves will pick up the signed waiver and place into a bag or box that will be isolated for a week.
* The Sheriff’s Department will escort us to the three major, downtown Birmingham hospitals for a low speed drive by at safe distances so that they can see us cheering them on. UAB’s Kay Simon was very excited about this, as she expressed that our medical heroes really need this right now.
* All participants are required to make a donation to either of these charities by clicking on UAB’s Meals for Heroes or Care Health. Both organizations are feeding our front line medical workers with food from local restaurants.  A $100 donation is suggested; however, any amount is appreciated.
* The hospitals are all in close proximity and we believe that the entire event will last no more than 90 minutes.
* There is no pre-event, nor post-event gathering. Everyone must remain in their cars for the entirety.

2020 AL PCA Fall Drive –  Helen, GA Oktoberfest – Oct. 22-25th

2020 Oktoberfest! Our annual Fall Club Drive will move to the north Georgia mountains on October 22nd –  25th.  We will begin in the Dahlonega area and finish in Helen with their Oktoberfest.  This event replaces Tail of the Dragon for 2020.

Helen is a small Bavarian-themed town in the north Georgia mountains, and their annual Oktoberfest is fun for the entire family. The roads surrounding this mountain town are perfectly suited for Porsches.  Our driving tour chair Michael Guilsher will have details for this event soon.

Helen/2020Oktoberfest info

2020 ALPCA Drive & Event to Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta – November 13-15th

Final details coming soon for this sure to be epic event!

Open to ALPCA Region Members. Membership information: PCA Membership

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