June 2020 Update – Important Updates from the PCA – AL Region Regarding COVID-19

An Important Update from the PCA – AL Region Regarding COVID-19

JUNE 2020 Update:
First, if you have not already completed and returned to Jeff Darby a PCA National COVID-19 waiver, please click here to download.  Please print, sign, take a picture of both pages and return to Jeff Darby.  We encourage you to keep a copy on your phone for ease of sharing.  It is likely that you may have to sign the waiver more than once; for example, our HPDE events will each require this waiver, as could other events where we are unable to verify your signed waiver being on file.  Please take care of this ASAP as we want to avoid a situation where you are turned away from an event for anyone in your party not having this waiver completed.  Thank you in advance for your understanding and prompt attention to this matter.
Second, please familiarize yourself with the updated PCA National Member Safety Guidelines found here.

MAY 2020 Track Updates:
For all of us track rats, the time is near to once again enjoy your Porsche as it was meant to be.
Our Father’s Day weekend High Performance Driver Education (HPDE or DE) event @ the incredible Barber Motorsports Park is shaping up very nicely.  At present we plan to have novice instructed and the Driver’s Ed eXperience (DEX) as usual; albeit with some additional precautions.  Note, we are subject to decisions by governmental bodies and PCA National.  Should a change be necessary, updates will be sent from our DE chairman, Woody Robbins to those who have registered.  With so few track events this year, we are already close to capacity.  If you have signed up, but not paid – you are not registered.  Once our small run groups are filled, registration will close.  To register, please click here.
Our Peach State friends have a DE at Road Atlanta on June 6th & 7th.  They extended a personal invitation to the Alabama Region; please join them if you can.  For more info click here.
PTX (Porsche Track eXperience) is keeping us in the know for their events that will feature maximum track time.  For the latest info click here.

With Governor Ivey’s stay at home order through April 30th, we are cancelling all April 2020 events.  I know it is a tough time and have enjoyed all of the creative, socially distanced car related fun that has been shared with me.  Please keep that going while being sensitive to those experiencing health or other hardships.  We may also have an opportunity to help one another.  Any member in need, please share your request with Jeff Darby and we will see if there is a way to assist.  We will return to fun and more in due time.  

Since our favorite track has been closed, our beloved corner workers have not been able to work. 
Please join me in letting them know that we are thinking about them even when we cannot be at the track.
This is an individual thing, but if you would like to donate to the Barber Corner Workers’ Fund, here’s the link.

Everyone, please take care of yourselves like you do your Porsche.  Just like in driving, look as far down the road as you can and plan for where you want to be.  We will get through this together.


Al Ellison
President, PCA Alabama Region

Good morning PCA Family: 
Speaking of shifting gears, we have all seen and experienced many shifts over the last week.  We will make it through this and continue to thrive. Amid ongoing concerns about COVID-19 (the coronavirus), the Porsche Club of America – Alabama Region is closely monitoring the latest reports.  Everyone’s  health and safety is our primary concern.  We will make decisions regarding cancellations or event rescheduling based upon the facts and circumstances existing closer to our events.  Our Nation’s hope is certainly that by accepting some schedule disruptions and inconveniences now, that we will emerge more quickly and resume our lives.
The only cancellations thus far are:
Our Third Thursday Social on March 19, 2020.
Indy Weekend; note – this was cancelled by the event organizers, not our Club.  We certainly hope that this can be rescheduled.
At this time, we anticipate that everything else on our calendar will go forward as planned.
We encourage everyone to follow these recommendations from the CDC regarding illness prevention.
Please share any questions, suggestions or concerns by clicking here.
Help those that need it; stay healthy and positive.

Al Ellison
President, PCA Alabama Region

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